China Daily Digest: Mon Dec 28

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Japan to film adult version of Chinese adult novel

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‘The Plum in the Golden Vase,’ is a highly regarded Ming dynasty Chinese novel dripping with sexuality; the most recent film adaptation of the novel will be called “The Forbidden Legend of Sex and Chopsticks.”

In other news, a man from the city of Wenzhou beat a pregnant woman over an ice cream cone.


China Daily Digest Dec 24th 2009

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1. Christmas Guilt: US says jailing dissident ‘uncharacteristic of a great country‘ during high profile trial of dissident Liu Xiaobo, which China blocked diplomats from entering (AP via Yahoo)

2. Learning from the Past: China’s Central Bank plans to study risk oversight to prevent an American-style financial meltdown (Businessweek)

3. Massive Loan Splurge and Rise of Snooker: Predictions for 2010 (The Guardian)

4 Shot Down. : China microblogging service “The People’s Microblog” hacked the day it launched; it’s now shut down (PC World)

5.  For Christmas in China this Year: Kitsch (Danwei)


China Daily Digest: Wed Dec 23rd

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  • No Smut: Most on China’s crusade to snuff out online porn. [WSJ China Real Time Report]
  • Safety Net: China reforms its pension system. [The Beijing News via Danwei]
  • Rare Meat: A man is jailed for eating what might have been the last wild Indochinese tiger. (BBC)


China Daily Digest Dec 22nd 2009

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1. Music to America’s Ears: WTO declares that foreign companies can sell certain media content directly to Chinese consumers (Financial Times)

2.   How Many Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies? China’s sovereign wealth fund might receive another USD 200 billion to invest (Wall Street Journal China Real Time Report)

3.You Are Either With Us or Against Us:Cambodia earns USD 1.2 billion in grants and loans after it repatriates 20 convicted Chinese Uyghrs  (The New York Times)

4. Magic Number 8: China aims for around 8 percent growth in 2010 (AFP via Yahoo)

5.  No Ice Cream for You! Blogger blocked from photographing a Häägen Däzs in Shanghai (Shanghai Scrap)


China Daily Digest: Mon Dec 21

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  • Chinese Vice-Premier Xi Jinping wraps up his Asian tour with a visit to Myanmar. [People’s Daily]


China Daily’s Bill Cosby Impression

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As a festive wrap-up to 2009, China Daily posted the “Top 10 Darndest Things Officials Said” during the year. All were relatively low level officials, and all of the quotes received media coverage and blog chatter when uttered. It’s interesting both as a roundup of hot button social issues during the year and how it reveals who’s allowed to be criticized and why.